Temple of Literature

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Temple of Literature
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Temple of Literature
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Temple of LiteratureBest Itinerary

Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand 17 days 7125.74人民币 野豌逗 野豌逗

Shanghai The Emporium Shopping Complex Bangkok old airport Tianhe Airport Hankou Railway Station Zhongshan Road Goode Temple Ministry of Lane snacks Hankou Railway Station Shanghai

越南柬埔寨泰国 24 days 6551.74人民币 Flowly Flowly

Dali Banteay Kdei Prasat Kravan East Mebon Prasat Ta Som Neak Pean Holy Temple Prasat Pre Roup Old Market Area Xiamen

Taiwan Hike 15 days 夏粪粪要涂墙 夏粪粪要涂墙

Taoyuan airport a terminal Dadong Night Market Lucky House MSC Sec Chikan Towers Mo Temple Ceremony Confucius ( Museum of Taiwanese Literature ) Legend Hotel Kaohsiung Dream Mall SWIIO Hotel

2014.1 , five are West Taiwan 7 days 8835.00人民币 Hilario Hilario

Hongqiao Airport Taipei's National Palace Museum Taipei Train Station Shilin Night Market Taipei Train Station Jieyunhang Temple Station Taipei Train Station Chungli Railway Station Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Taiwan island 13 days ehooky ehooky

Taoyuan Airport Second Terminal ( next stop ) Rueifang Station Hou Underground Station Jingtong Street Yin Hai-kuang residence National Taiwan University Longshan Temple 228 Memorial Museum Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Hu Memorial

I LOVE TAIWAN~❤ 10 days 雅晓兔 雅晓兔

Taoyuan airport a terminal Garden Night Market Linan Road, Sec 53 High Speed ​​Rail Tainan Station High Speed ​​Rail Taipei Station Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Longshan Temple in Taipei Snake Alley Ximending Walking Areas Songshan Airport

Taiwan trip 9 days 一直在讲话★珊 一直在讲话★珊

Taoyuan airport a terminal Yehliu Yin Yang Hai Gold Falls Nine Very old street Keelung Temple Night Market Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall 101 Circle Taoyuan airport a terminal

Bay tour 10 days 幽幽幽冥 幽幽幽冥

Taoyuan airport a terminal Ruifeng Night Market Liuhe Night Market Liuhe Night Market Gushan Ferry Station Cihou Lighthouse Tin Hau Temple Windmill Park Sizihwan station Feng Chia Night Market

台湾 16 days 雨过天青云破处-这般颜色作将来 雨过天青云破处-这般颜色作将来

Taipei Taoyuan Airport Tainan station Fort Provintia Fort Zeelandia Tait , Anping Tree House Anping Tree House Confucius ( Museum of Taiwanese Literature ) Koxinga Shrine Kaohsiung station Taroko National Park

Taiwan 13 days ehooky ehooky

Yomi Hotel Taipei The general public cover city Fort Zeelandia Garden Night Market Cambridge Hotel National Museum of Taiwanese Literature Tainan Confucius Temple Jungle shrine High Speed ​​Rail Tainan Station Lugang Township

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