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TaiwanBest Itinerary

台湾之旅 9 days kangseng kangseng

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Rice Laos High U.S. wetlands Fuxing North First Street Lavender Cottage ( Novosti shop ) Feng Chia Night Market Fuxing North First Street Rainbow military dependents Sky Bridge Forever Bridge Fenqihu Street Alishan Scenic Area Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

宝岛台湾 11 days 变双的左眼皮 变双的左眼皮

Incheon Airport Hotel Taoyuan International Airport Terminal two Taipei Main Station ECFA Hotel ECFA HOTEL Ximending ECFA Hotel ECFA HOTEL National Palace Museum Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall 101 International Shopping Center Jaoho Night Market ECFA Hotel ECFA HOTEL Taoyuan International Airport Terminal two

台湾8日自助游 8 days live001 live001

Capital International Airport Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Chihu mausoleum Dasi The monastery Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Alishan National Scenic Area Former British Consulate Kaohsiung Shen'ao headland Eluanbi Shihtiping Capital International Airport

台湾台湾! 11 days 32655.00台币 owenhoney owenhoney

Taipei Train Station Astar Hotel Fertilizer front of the house 228 Peace Memorial Park Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall National Taiwan Normal University National Taiwan University Ruth bread Shida Night Market Eslite Bookstore Astar Hotel National Palace Museum Zuoying High Speed ​​Rail Station

台湾6日行 6 days 310.00台币 stafiel stafiel

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Taipei Main Station Taipei Garden Hotel Ximending Snake Alley Taipei Garden Hotel Presidential palace Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall Long Sheng Park Shito small melon soup Jinfeng braised pork on rice National Palace Museum Japanese apricot pork chops ( Fuxing Branch ) Southernmost Point

熊猫台湾游 12 days 背包慕 背包慕

Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport Hong Kong International Airport Taoyuan International Airport Terminal two Taipei Main Station Taipei Train Station Songshan Best bike shop tour Matsuyama Station CITY LINK Ao Station Ao Station Hualien City Hualien City, Hualien County, Taiwan Taipei Train Station

台湾 6 days 不进辅大不改名 不进辅大不改名

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport China Road, Sec 90 A case noodles (Ay-Chung Noodle) Red House Chengdu carambola ice Nanban Church Wuchang St. , Sec. STAYREAL West stores China Road, Sec 90 China Road, Sec 90 MRT Ximen Station Taipei's National Palace Museum 136 South Rd.

台湾9日终极版 9 days 痒痒不挠儿e 痒痒不挠儿e

Capital International Airport Taoyuan Airport Grandee Taipei Hotel Shilin Night Market Jiantan MRT station Grandee Taipei Hotel Jiantan MRT station Taipei's National Palace Museum Dihua Market Eslite Bookstore - Dyna headquarters Taipei 101 Grandee Taipei Hotel Capital International Airport

台湾 13 days 1065.00台币 CassIe92 CassIe92

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Ximending Shida Night Market National Palace Museum Danshui Fisherman's Wharf Shilin Night Market Ximending Shilin Residence Park Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Alishan Left camp Left camp 101 International Shopping Center

台湾 9 days 54900.00台币 yen5119 yen5119

Taoyuan airport a terminal Taiwan Glass Pavilion Feng Chia Night Market Tou pine cho monster village Shueishe Sun Moon Lake Wenwu Temple Puli Paper Church Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Zhongshan four Puli Winery Cougar Head of State Museum Paper Dragon Hands Museum Taoyuan airport a terminal

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